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Let's Talk Gun Accessories - Blackhawk! Nylon Hip Holster 02

I know I have posted pictures of me wearing my Blackhawk! hip holster and I had promised to do a review on it.  My particular holster is the # 02 holster for right hip draw, 3" - 4" Barrel, medium and large double action revolvers. This is my favorite holster for my Ruger GP100 revolver with the 4" barrel.

This Blackhawk! holster is American made and can take a real beating without showing much wear.  I say this after testing it serveral times on our primitive camping trips.  I am talking areas that don't have roads and the thorny blackberry bushes abound. 

As you can see in the pictures the holster shows no wear.  This sturdy hip holster is made of a durable, rigid nylon.  The inside of the holster is also nylon but it is smooth for easy drawing.  The nylon has an internal moisture barrier that won't transmit persperation to the gun. The retention strap is adjustable with a non-glare snap.  The retension strap snap is fast to release but holds tight in place until you want it release.  Retention strap easily releases with the simple flick of your thumb.  Snapping it back into place is a little harder but definitely managable.

The overall length of this hip holster at it's longest point is just about 8 inches.  Definitely not something the average woman can conceal easily but it is suprisingly comfortable when worn in the cowboy fashion on a gun belt.  The holster has a slide on belt clip that hold the holster snuggly in place without sliding around.  When I am in the woods I like to know that my gun is securely in place and easily accessible if I need to get to it quickly to protect myself against any 4 legged, 2-legged or no legged critters.

The way the retention stap is designed you can feel secure in the fact that you can not accidentally fire the gun.  The retention strap firmly fits around the hammer of your revolver to prevent any movement and there is no access to the trigger while your gun is holstered.  With the rigid nylon you can be sure there will not be any pressure placed on the trigger or hammer. 

The draw......the draw is one of the most important things about a holster.  A holster can retain your gun as well  as it wants but if you can't get it out when you need it then the gun is no good to you.  You won't have that problem with this holster.  With the quick flick of the retention strap your gun can and is quickly and smoothly drawn with no hesitation that does not come from you.

This is a great holster for around the property and going to the woods.  I would definitely recommend this Blackhawk hip holster 02.

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