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Let's Talk Gun Accessories - Hide Your Ruger LCP or Kel Tec P32 in Plain Sight

Have you ever wanted a way to wear your gun in plain sight without showing it?  It is possible to wear your gun in an accessible manner without wearing a holster and without having to dress around it. 


Don't get stressed out, I am not referring to a fanny pack!  Sure we women can carry our guns in our purses but that is not always the most convenient place either.  And with the purse carry I worry about someone snatching my purse.  Then they have my purse, cell phone, gun everything.

I really don't like to wear my gun with my shirt tucked in over it.  I just think it would take too much in an emergency to get it out.  I find wearing my gun in the middle of my back is the most comfortable most of the time.  If I am carrying my Kel Tec P32 it is a little too small to carry middle of the back.  I found in that location it is hard to grab with my fingers when I am nervous.  I find the best place to carry the Kel Tec P32 is holstered in the front for a cross draw or a straight draw on the same side as my dominant hand.  Sure I can holster the gun in these locations but Texas is concealed carry not open carry so I have to wear the holster inside the waistband or outside if I am wearing something baggy enough. 

I can tell you from practicing tactical scenarios that drawing from the front with a big shirt on does not work well.  I found the shirt actually impeded progress of drawing and got caught on the gun a couple of time.  These are all things that I would not have known had I not practiced these drills while having someone yell and come at me in an aggressive manner to force me to be nervous and get my Adrenalin flowing.

So the bottom of the line is I would like to have my gun in a location that is easy to draw and comfortable.  It needs to be accessible when I am driving (which is another problem with middle of the back holstering) and not be confined by the mandatory seat belt.

It was while thinking of what would be a good means of concealing in plain sight that I saw a PDA holster and thought something a little bigger than that would work just great.  I started making some calls and searching the Internet but there wasn't any such thing that I could find that size.  It was then that I though about a camera case.  Cameras have gotten so small which means that the carrying cases have gotten smaller also.  I copied the dimensions of my gun as a square onto a piece of paper and went to Wal-Mart (I drew the gun in a square instead of a gun shape so that I could be assured the gun would fit in the pouch in any direction I placed it.. 

I found the perfect pouch for my Kel Tec P32.  It is was a simple case of logic or of Case Logic.  The Case Logic camera pouch has a belt strap so it can be worn on my belt.  It has an additional pocket that is smaller that holds my cell phone perfectly and does not impede drawing the gun.  The case with fully loaded gun and cell phone weigh right at 14.5 ounces and best of all it cost a mere $9.  I will probably make

a few adjustments to it just for my benefits but it works just fine as it is right off the shelf.  I took it to the range yesterday and practiced drawing from the pouch.  As with anything it will take a little practice but after about 25 repetitions it was pretty thoughtless maneuvering to get the pouch open and the gun drawn.  

The alterations I am considering are an inside loop to make it just a little easier to rip the pouch open.  I also will

be adding an additional horizontal strap that I can put a clip or two on and clip it to a belt loop without wearing a belt.  Just a thought.......

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