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Let's Talk Accessories - Concealed Carry Purses

Normally when I do an article for accessories I have a particular product in mind that I discuss or review.  In the case of concealed carry purses or handbags or what ever you want to call them I will lump them together and tell you why I do not like then and why in my classes I always recommend against them.


I understand, as a woman, it is more convenient to sometimes carry your gun in your purse since we often carry a purse anyway.  I know, I know you are saying "But if I use a concealed carry purse then I can condense what I have to carry and I will always have it with me".  Really? 

I look around everyday and see women with their purses in the carts. Just this past weekend my friend had her purse stolen while in a store.  Okay so you are not one of those people that put your purse in the cart or ever set your purse down when you go anywhere.  Does that include when you are at a friend's house.  How many women go to a friend's house and put thier purse down in a room other than where everyone is sitting?  This would put your purse and the gun out of your control.

Let's say you are not one of those women that would ever put your purse down or ever let it out of your sight unless you are at home and then you would be responsible and lock your gun away.  That is great and very responsible of you.

Now let's say you are out and about and have your purse on your shoulder and your gun in your purse.  Everythings is fine.  Your gun is secure in your purse and you are feeling confident.  That's good.

Now let me ask you a question.  When someone goes to rob a woman what do they usually go for?  The purse!  Oh I know, concealed carry purses are made with specially reinforced straps to prevent them from tearing when they are pulled on.  I have no doubt that a well made concealed carry purse would resist tearing or ripping - with what they charge for some of them they should resist a bomb blast too. 

The question is can your shoulder resist the yanking and tearing of a 200 plus pound man?  The strap may hold but the chance that you will have the strength to resist  the purse being pulled from your arm.  Not only may he yank that purse from your shoulder but how will you successfully reach for your gun in the midst of a struggle like that?

Even worse, if the robber is successful he will have gotten your purse and your gun.  I don't know I could be looking at this all wrong and I sincerely invite some input on this subject if someone feels they could convince me of the positive side of carrying a concealed carry purse.  Me I will take my gun on my body in a holster that I am comfortable wearing and drawing from.

I had a student in one of my classes that insisted she could draw under pressure from her purse.  We spent hours working on drawing while under pressure and she was never able to complete a successful timely draw because the purse was all over the place. 

Please send me a success story or if you are a vendor and think you can convince me send me a sample purse and I will give it an honest review and return it to you.  Otherwise I will keep my view of the concealed carry purse.  I would like to believe that the many women that use these purses are not in harms way.

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