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Why a website for only gals that like guns? The main reason I wanted to start a website for gals only is because every time I was looking for information on-line related to guns or shooting or hunting the majority of the results were by men, directly related to men. Even advertising that is supposed to be directed to women is usually geared to men. 

 When I would go to the gun show or the gun store what do they want to show me? Either a pink gun or a .22 caliber. Again I have nothing against either but that shouldn’t be what is directed to me just because I am a “gal”. Nothing is more aggrevating than going to a gun store with my husband and them speak to him about what he is looking for in a gun and him having to say “she’s looking”. Why do they always assume that it is the men that are passionate for guns and not women? And finally there is the “She must act like a man” mentality about women who like guns. I don’t act like a man. I will admit that I no longer wear heels unless I have to for a reason and I am most comfortable in my jeans but there is nothing manly about me. 

My goal for this website is for it to become a place for women, “Gals”, of all ages to come for information, story sharing and just plain fun. I would like to create a community for gals that like guns to share their excitement or for those just thinking about getting a gun to gain confidence through the knowledge that there are lots of gals out there that carry guns and do so confidently. I would like this community of Gal gun enthusiast to include women that enjoy hunting too. I know there are a lot of women out there that go hunting but to find a women’s only hunting trip is crazy expensive. I would like to, in the future, look at having our community come together for annual “Gals N Guns” outings to shoot skeet, target shoot or even a hunting trip or two. I do understand that a gun enthusiast does not necessarily a hunter make and there are some people who do not like hunting. It is for that reason that I will create separate locations within this website for each category. This will allow for separation and you can chose to participate in the areas of your choice.
Finally I would like to provide a place where women can share and discuss self-defense, be that with or without a gun, and victim prevention.
One thing I do not want this website to become is a place for statistics and scientific information.  The fact of the matter is that kind of information can be found all over the Internet and and I am no expert.  For these reasons I will not be providing alot of information on the trajectory of bullet and such information.  I will have pages with some information that is just interesting  and if there are things that other gals would like to see on here I hope they will email me with requests.
So let's quit wasting time and get to shootin'.....
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