My First Shotgun

About me..........

Let me start of by saying I am by no means a gun “expert” nor do I intend to become one. I am simply a gun enthusiast. I am in my almost mid-40’s. I am a pretty self-reliant person and believe in doing as much for myself and my family as is possible. I love to learn how things work. I have a somewhat short attention span, as in, I am very interested in things for a couple of years and then the excitement wears off. This happens with most things with the exception of my family, gardening/homesteading and guns.

I have worked many jobs in my life and one of them was to serve in the Army where I learned to shoot my first gun that had a higher caliber than a BB gun. I really enjoyed the range training and becoming an expert marksman with an M16 but I never bought a gun for myself. 
That is, until many years later and after several evenings of having mean spirited teenagers harass me with my two young children and calling the sheriff only to be told by them that I should get a shotgun. Well that sounded like a good plan to me. The following day I went to Wal-Mart and bought myself a single barrel 20 gauge shotgun. That very night those boys came back and got bold. This time they tried to actually get in the back door. I warned them I had a shotgun, told them to clear the way and fired a warning shot. I saw the light of their flashlights bouncing across the open field, running away from my house and never had another problem with them again. 
That shotgun was the only gun I had for many more years. I had just left it under the bed for about 10 years with just a couple of shot shells on my night stand, just in case, but never fired it in all those years. It wasn’t until I became a stay-at-home wife that I began thinking it would be nice to have a concealed handgun license and a gun that I could carry with me. We had had a few problems with broken windows, broken into cars etc. I just felt that I would really like to have something to protect myself since we still lived in the same county that the Sheriff suggested that I take care of the problem myself and my husband worked over 30 miles away from home. That left a lot of hours alone working outside and inside.  
I discussed the thought of purchasing a handgun with my mother who promptly told me I was crazy. I still had plans to find a handgun and get my concealed carry license. I had already sold my husband on the idea. He said we could look into it and see what we will do from there. I found a concealed carry class and now just needed a gun. Heck I live in Texas, that shouldn’t be a problem and it wasn’t. 
I wasn’t even looking for a gun the day I bought my CZ-82 Czech police pistol and believe it or not my mother bought the exact same one the day I bought mine. I broke the news to my husband that night and I think first he wanted to be irritated that I had “just done it” but then he was enthused by the prospect of shooting that pistol. I will go into it in another area why I bought a CZ-82. At this point I was thoroughly hooked. I took that shotgun out cleaned it good, took my CZ and went to my Mother’s property to practice shooting at her burm in her backyard. From the first time I pulled the trigger on that CZ I felt an excitement. It was a cross between power and fear. The more I fired it the more power I felt and the less fear. It was only a week or so later Hubby found himself a Ruger P95 and we set off for our concealed carry license class a few weeks after that. 
And so it all started………..
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